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About the Vessels

Commercial Vessel Hire Only. Skippers must have a Coxswains licence

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Tin Thing


Conditions of Hire

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For inquiries regarding any of our services, please contact us.

Welcome to Karratha Boat Hire

Commercial Vessels for Hire or Lease

in a 55km Radius of Dampier

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Vessels for Hire

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"Tin Thing" 6.8m commercial workboat in 2C survey for 5+1 person

$750 Plus gst

Commercial Bareboat Hire (2C Survey)

"Plaka" 4.6m polyethelene zodiac style centre console C class (Survey Exemption) for 4 person

$400 Plus gst

Originally set up as a tender to larger commercial vessels but now available in its own right for works under a C Class (survey exemption) license.

Why Choose Us?

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Free Phone Consultation

We’re there for clients whenever they need us. When you need help or guidance on which vessel to choose, we have the knowledge.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee to provide the highest level of professionalism, and we promise to follow up after every rental to ensure you are completely happy. Not 100% satisfied with your item? We’ll do everything we can to correct the problem. We’ll leave you a satisfied customer and are confident you’ll come back for more.

Contact Us

Need to contact us about something? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

0419 921 540

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